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      Food safety and government regulation

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      Food safety is a major livelihood issues and economic issues in recent years, government supervision of domestic enterprises to enhance the promotion of food security of supply, but China's current supply-demand imbalance of food safety problems remain.

      Effective supply of food security demand imbalance mainly for food safety deficiencies. On the one hand, China's food safety regulatory system is imperfect, weak consumer awareness of food safety and corporate benefits or behavior seriously, resulting in lack of "food security" effective supply of a quasi-public goods nature. On the other hand, and in a sharp rise in demand for food safety. By comparing consumer willingness to buy, trust perception, the actual purchase of domestic and foreign food quantity and price, to buy the brand, etc., can be seen on the surface of expanding demand for food safety and effective supply shortage of the status quo. For example, the wave of panic buying of foreign milk powder, imported and domestic milk sales in great contrast, have demonstrated China's food safety is still difficult to get rid of the plight of supply and demand imbalance. From the comparison of sales prices and sales of food, domestic and export food quality and safety control, enterprise-scale food safety incidents before and after the improvement of production technology upgrades and other aspects of the term, some food on the surface seems to be excess supply, but the actual is based on the effective supply of food security is still inadequate.

      In China, government regulatory mechanisms to stimulate market governance is the key to solving the advantage of the imbalance between food safety. Food market is a typical "market", to solve our food problem of insufficient supply of safe and effective, relying solely on government regulatory mechanisms isolated is not feasible. Must give full play to the role of market governance rather than replace, the mining association inherent complementarity government regulation and market governance, stimulate synergies government regulation of market governance, food security can be more effective government regulation. "CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues," pointed out: the government should strengthen market supervision, to make up for market failure has played a major role. Xi Jinping, general secretary presided over the Politburo collective study emphasized the Fifteenth: make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, better play the role of government is not only a major theoretical proposition, but also a great practice proposition. "Invisible hand" and the "visible hand" to be used for good, strive to create market forces and the role of government organic unity, mutual complement, mutual coordination and promotion patterns, promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development. In particular, it must be based on lack of effective supply factors and mechanism design theory, corresponding to the market demand and supply sides of food safety, from the constraints of market governance price, reputation, information, confidence and market competition, the study and refine our food safety supply driven, demand-led coordination of supply and demand government regulation mechanisms.

      First, the government should establish a monitoring mechanism supply driven. First, the relationship between price and quality and safety from government, corporate profits, market structure, industry size, corporate angle characteristics, supervise business or industry input-output ratio in line with the price formation mechanism. The second is to play the role of credit mechanism based on the premise - a significant increase in market interests and business reputation cumulative cost invested appropriately, from a different level corresponds to the quality and safety supervision and reasonable prices, evaluation of different types of businesses reputation and credibility of the industry and open market environment construction point of view, to establish the credibility of a government regulation. Third, from the enterprise scale, distribution and organizational model, the type of market point of view, through the implementation of a unified market entry and exit, incentives for similar food enterprises, strengthen industry standards, establish fair and effective competition in the market mechanism.

      Second, establish a government regulatory mechanism demand-pull. Government food quality and safety rating from the segments, income levels of different groups of consumers, the purchase willingness demand factors point of view, the main form of the price mechanism to guide demand at competitive prices. To play a role in the mechanism on the basis of information provided - Consumer rational speculation and effective screening, from food safety knowledge dissemination of false information with the Legislation of the investigation, and disclosure of information is sent in the form of a time perspective, information dissemination agencies and oversight bodies re-establish government Information mechanisms of regulation. In addition, in order to rebuild consumer trust mechanism, from the quality and safety assurance commitment standardization legalization, a third party (such as quality and safety certification and testing organization) oversight and public credibility default punishment and exit angles, the performance of government regulation, the establishment of trust mechanism of government regulation.

      Third, the establishment of government regulatory mechanisms to coordinate supply and demand. Government to be formed, the price mechanism is based on supply and demand sides, according to the current food price difference with the theoretical analysis of the equilibrium price between quantifying the relationship between price and quality and safety, quality level and price formation of the coordination of the supervision mechanism. To quantify the business relations on the basis of food safety punishment and compensation amount, the consumer utility loss, combined with the current terms of food safety laws and regulations from the penalty and interest compensation restraint complementary perspective to further improve the incentive mechanism of government regulation. Typical food safety incidents of inter-regional industrial chain characteristics, should be established between the government administrative intervention and cooperative economic measures (subsidies, insurance, etc.) of a reasonable allocation mechanism, market supply and demand induced by the body to achieve efficient allocation of resources.

      In short, our country's food supply must take into account the quantity and quality of security, otherwise it will further exacerbate the supply and demand imbalance, caused by economic, political and social issues. In the current situation of supply and demand imbalance of food safety for the intrinsic relevance of government regulation and market governance issues such as inadequate, and encourage enterprises from the constraints of effective supply, the establishment of appropriate government regulation mechanisms foster consumer demand and effective coordination of supply and demand for food safety rich theory based on the market mechanism of government regulation of food safety, to address the relationship between good government and the market, and strengthen government regulation system and mechanism innovation, provide important theoretical supplement. In the case of the current government regulatory reform can not be immediately apparent effect, from how to improve the effective supply and how effectively meet consumer demand point of view, to further refine the government regulation mechanism to stimulate market governance role to play synergies government regulation. To improve government regulation of food safety mechanisms to ensure that the masses "safe tongue" provided a strong theoretical basis.




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